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Yesterday, the Capitol Building was over run and a bit…ransacked.

Over these years I’ve developed a practice of cultivating equanimity which served me well during my time as a founder and CEO, and continues to serve me each day.

Equanimity: mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation.

I saw fear, sadness and concern in many of my friends and family. I also saw excitement as well, from those who are Trump supporters.

In me, I first felt sadness and anger. And then I paused to see if in this moment I could also use equanimity…

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No I didn’t pee myself. This is what happens when you clean gutters.

A couple years ago, I wrote of an Ego Death I was experiencing, which was precipitated by the sale of the company I’d founded, my relinquishment of the CEO role inside a publicly traded company and subsequent retirement from business at age 37. As is the way of the internet, thousands of people loved the post, while another set of people hated it and thought I was being a privileged, egotistical, tone deaf dick. They’re at least right that I’m privileged (white, male, American, wealthy, cis-gendered, english speaking, etc.), but that’s a full topic for another day. Perhaps everyone is…

The world is consumed with a virus. Some think a the novel corona virus is the dangerous one. The Big One. It’s said that it will kill a few percent of people along the way, disrupting global economies. And yes, that’s a lot of suffering. So very much! But what I’m consumed by in this moment is a concern for a different virus — it is a virus of the mind.

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Credit: Calvariae on deviantart

This virus has infected us all from birth. It tells us that we are separate from those around us. We are separate from nature. We can kill animals and…

I don’t believe it’s possible to foretell the future, but I sure think it’s fun to make predictions and see how they turn out. In the spirit of of coming into a new decade with a lot of exciting and terrifying trends coming our way, here are a few to keep any eye out for.

#1: Flying ‘Cars’ Will be Ready for Takeoff

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Unless you’re involved in the space, you’re probably not paying much attention to the explosion in eVTOLs (eVTOL = electric vertical takeoff and landing). Over a billion dollars of investor money has already poured into both startups and corporate R&D efforts. Airbus, Boeing, Aston Martin…

Today, after more than 12 years, the company I founded no longer exists except in scattered remains of content strewn across the internet — and of course in the hearts and minds of those who engaged with iStrategyLabs (ISL) in some way. It’s been 18 months since my retirement from ISL — and I thought I’d processed all my emotions related to it, mostly by trying to kill my ego, but I wasn’t prepared for ISL to be shuttered so soon (more here) as I watched impotent from afar. Here’s some of what ISL did if you’re curious:

ISL 2019…

I’ve lived in NYC on and off over the past 16 years, and during that time the city and I have both changed a lot. In the 2000s you couldn’t pay me to go into a spiritually oriented “woo woo” shop or event. I was too focused on “#crushingit” to care about the spiritual side of myself and the world. After selling my company, and killing my ego, I’ve found so many wonderful places in New York that feed my soul. I thought I’d share this short list with those of you who live here, or are visiting. …

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Hi. This is me.

At the end of June this year I retired from the company I had founded. Being a 38 year old retiree has its perks for sure, but I’m assuming most people don’t have a perspective on the challenges associated with giving up the profession/status/context/wealth-generation-machine that they’d been managing for decades. In fact, this is a devilishly difficult thing to do for one super complicated reason: we subconsciously construct an Ego that enables us in the journey we set out for — and that Ego doesn’t just go away over night. …

In 2007, I founded iStrategyLabs in my apartment in Washington DC after getting laid off from an ad agency. I had always been entrepreneurial, so with about 3 months of living expenses in the bank I figured I’d try my hand at not having a job as long as I could. I filed for unemployment benefits to get a little more runway and started out doing $500 logo projects and $2,500 web designs where I was the project manager, designer and developer all in one. …

If you’re interested in this topic, I’m doing a full day free live stream on it soon. More details here. What follows is an interview from the producers of that show.

Today’s post is an interview with Peter Corbett, the founder and CEO of iStrategyLabs, a digital agency that develops solutions to clients’ challenges and brings them to life in the online and offline world.

Corbett’s worked with brands like Facebook, Nickelodeon, NBC, Coca-Cola and more. He’s learned how to build meaningful relationships and become a valuable problem-solver for his clients. …

Peter Corbett ✈

Retired founder of @iStrategyLabs. @Davos speaker. @GlobalShapers & @YPO #millennial. Bio:

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